The Magic of Christmas Tree, Midnight

All aglow with bright multicolored lights. It stands there in a corner, waiting. It marks a time of year where everything seems more splendid, almost magical, mystical. The lights bouncing off the ornaments before scattering throughout the room, landing everywhere. Each one, a special meaning held inside, a story waiting to be told. The magic of those events all captured, on display.

Her gaze is fierce, but curious as she studies every detail that ornaments and light have to offer. Every story plays in her mind, the precious memories of others. The presents below mean nothing to her, they feel out of place like they don’t belong. She sits as it’s foot, staring upwards to the top. The soft hand brushes her cheek as he sits in his rocker beside her. A loving gesture, ensurance she is safe. She lays down just next to his feet, tired, but still craving what can be offered. He glances down at her, smiles, then begins.

This tree is an ancient tree, deserving of all respect. If the tree is strong and healthy then so shall you be. It shall bring you luck and courage when you most need it. It is adorned with special trinkets dear to those that came before. Each holds a sacred meaning known only to the owner and tree. That one there, just behind the red light above you, belonged to her, that precious lady she was. The one next to it? That’s one of my first loves.

The love of the journey was far greater than that of the destination. You see, I loved the places I’d visit on the journey, but she, oh she loved the company that was met. The social butterfly she was. Strong, confident, and radiatingly beautiful. She made every journey worth it, no matter how hard it first seemed. She was worth ever ounce that makes up my spirit and then some. It was her natural passion that kept me pushing on-wards.

This tree not only lives inside you, but you live on inside it as well. Just as she now lives on within its branches. He looks down again, only to find she has fallen asleep underneath the tree. She’s peaceful, happy below the glow of lights. He scoops her into his arms, carries her to bed, wishing her dreams of old. He makes his way back to his rocking chair, lost in thought. Soon captivated by the glow himself, he slowly drifts off.

Startling awake, he desperately looks around the room. Was she really here again? After all these years, had she finally returned? Closing his eyes, she reappears, arms extended. Tears begin falling from his cheeks. His love has come back to him, forever en-captured in the spirit of that night. Her memory embraced within the tree for both the young child and himself.

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