Round The Fairy Tree

Purple mist shrouds all around. Hundreds of voices squealing away, plotting once again. Slowly enlightening the tree, an all embracing light shines form the bushes behind it. The grass sways as footsteps ever soft can be heard dancing upon the ground. Branches creak as though under weight. A flurry of fireflies swarm all around, then quickly disappear. All has gone quite round the fairy tree.

Sleep overtakes as the night ever creeps, the soul of the tree seeps. And into the dark, drift softly away, for fairies will come and sweep you away. Safely in shroud, hidden in the deep, your body is safe, your soul may escape. In the night round the tree, away with the fairies you’ll stay as their guest, forever entrapped.

Remember this notion as you drift through the woods, stay away from the tree shrouded in mist.

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