A Generational Gift

With an overactive imagination and having watched The Nutcracker (2010), I’ve decided to start something that is still very much in the planning stages. This project will be an inclusion of all the skills I have acquired over the years, and put them to the ultimate test. A test that will be decided pass or fail by one intensely picky young girl.

Instead of spending upwards of hundreds of dollars on kits, plans or pre-built versions, I got the idea to create one myself. What I’m planning on designing and eventually building, is a doll house. Of course being the crazed geek I am, said house will be designed to code as though it is to be lived in. It will have working lights with switches, all run from a battery based source. The idea is to not only design, but to build something that will last for future generations to enjoy with as much wonder and splendor as the first recipient.

Being in the initial stages of imagined models and sectional parts, nothing has yet to hit paper. The great thing about being a CAD drafter is that everything thought up so far is already being done as though I were drafting it. This makes for an easier way to transfer the ideas from imagination to paper; the majority of the hard work has already been completed.

So as the ideas become more concrete and end up on paper, the sooner they’ll turn a dream to reality…

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