The Tale

Once upon a time seems so far away and out of reach. What if that once upon a time though, was right now? What would the story be? Maybe it doesn’t have to be so far away, or another story, but rather the telling of a man’s life.

Once a day this man awakens, just like every other being around him does. He awakens to visions flashing before his eyes, fantasies if you will, that the unconscience mind has no wish to let flee from the closed eyes of freedom. The fantasies are strong, emotional, vivid and all scary as hell. The closed eyes are shielding him from the reality thats been slowly killing him for years. The reality of such suffering, void of happiness has led him to live in his dreams all the wishes that once filled his very being, radiating outwards but no more.

He looked upon the world with a child-like glee of wonder, free of all fear and worry. Used to swing higher each time trying to jump off further than the last regardless of cuts and scrapes. He was free to be himself. Imagination ran wild with thoughts of impossible things yet to be. Slowly over time all the fearlessness was shrouded with an ever thickening shell of mistrust and retreating further down. The shell, now nearly complete, with the last pieces encrusting the eyes each night, is broken by the light of a new day.

The thick shell wrapping this mans being has but one weakness not foreseen by the past. Its weakness is the last hope of this mans inner magic, one that comes from an old Irish saying: “No man ever wore a scarf as warm as his daughter’s arm around his neck.” By her arms is his inner magic to be saved from the enclosing dark that has crept the years pushing back his hopes and wishes. Through her does his magic have a chance of survival; a chance of pure freedom once again.

He has much to offer through knowledge with even more from the dreams and stories that are yet been told. Only she holds the key to such amazement. With such a spark his hopes become her reality enfused with passion.