400 Miles

Being the first weekend of a new month, while also happening to be a holiday weekend, saw me driving well over 12 hours and 400 miles. The reasoning behind all that insanity? I got to spend two full days with my little one! Two days of self entertainment at her grandmothers house filled with hugging stuffed bears, dolls and a stuffed puppy. She was one happy little girl playing with everything around her.

Even though she wouldn’t take her naps, seems she no longer does anyway, I thought playing a movie in the background would at least allow her to relax some from being her high energetic self. While she did manage to enjoy parts of the movie, dancing to some of the songs and happily being cuddled next to me, she wouldn’t fall asleep. This didn’t bother me all that much, since it was time spent with her, and she was having lots of fun. The rides back to her mom’s saw her slowly drifting off to sleep, a few times catching her jolt awake attempting to fight it.

With last night, having watched “Imagine That”, I couldn’t help but imagine myself being in the lead role, thinking nothing is more important than the time spent with her. It’s never truly what you do when spending time with them that matters, but the fact that you’re actually spending that time solely with them. That’s what they will remember as they grow older, that you were there with them, for them. As for those 400 miles traveled this weekend, feel free to add a few extra zero’s to the end and with a single smile from her, they’ll still be meaningless in the long term.


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