Hell, Unfrozen

Sift aside the ashes burnt, breathe deep the cries unheard
Enjoy the thoughts of light and flame, doth not lead to pain
From in below does grow the hole, escape not will it
Entice the game of mortal sin, embrace the flames hath brought

Does thou not believe me, every word truth spoken
Perhaps some added flames, a mix of fun liquids
Too hot does feels it now, not use eternity shares
Think crossing of twice, deeds must be paid

The land of insanity, the writings of madmen; this is where we shall be
Come gather not for chance of luck, test wheel then of flame
Thy kingdom burns, watch all the mourn; falseness hath instilled
Frozen time or time unfrozen, kills with swiftness neither

To keep a straight thought would be useless; to try, neigh impossible yet death. Thoughts merge, transform and trans-configure as the mind does slowly wander. And why shouldn’t it? Surely it must be allowed as such. Or has that burden of scared shitless cost too much? Think not of where things go or words that spew forth; simply place them down and order will follow, for your sake some may not. Free flow the words as they please to be listed, meanings aside cast far beyond. No stopping them now, for the gates have been bowed; least ripped open from the clutches of hell. Enjoy the insanity madness lets free; never may it allowed be again.

Insane for the sane, with sane for the insane
What difference make, fucked we are all…