Climb the stairs to the top
Never fearing you will stop
But just one slip and you’re done
Falling back into the sun

Missed that step, trip upset
Overboard, can’t ask for more
Swimming through the sky
Just don’t look down…

Starring at the faces
All watching, laughing
As you just fall
Without control

Hear the voices of your past
Overlapping with the future
All hopes and dreams
No longer matter

Then your kids realize
You are not in disguise
Stupid, ugly, hateful man
Why can’t you just understand…

We don’t care and you don’t count
Leave us alone or we’ll shout

There’s no use in trying
They’ve already made their minds
Who am I who had to try
Now pushed away, so far away…

Inside this empty room
The walls feel as they’re not there
An eternal darkness fills the gaps
Of everything around me

Falling faster, deeper inside
More darkness than can hide
Quickly engulfing what is left
of this shadow that once was whole…

What is happening to me,
All this is so deafening
The gushing winds are howling
As I fly to eternity

This world now crumbling
Nothing left
Always sleeping in my head
Now wide away, no regrets

Disconnected with the worlds
slowly losing all controls
Spinning faster, always faster
Back to the ground, where once I found…

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