The Hidden Man

You’re my best friend, I could tell you everything, but only in my head. Never could find the words that would help me explain. The ones that would let you know everything that I could show. All through my head at night were the things that would help you understand. Just the kind of man this boy was hiding, kept locked away, hidden from the brightest of days. Locked up from prying eyes and all due to fear.
These walls that now surround have been there from the beginning and all out of fear. These walls only grew taller as the man got maturer dealing with the years and tears. These stones now cold, worn and crumbling from this storm. These walls are failing and all that’s remaining is for me to open my eyes and accept the surprise. It took losing our friendship, our trust and our love, to truly realize, that all I had been afraid of was already seen in my eyes.
These walls are now crumbling and everything I’ve been hiding, she has already known from the very start. Now these walls are disappearing and the dust slowly clearing. What lay’s on the other side? Well it can’t be all that bad, since she chose to stick around….
And now I know that this is gonna hurt like hell, its been long overdue and its worth it…..

I just hope its not too late to be the man I know I could be, the one she deserves me to be….
It’s gonna be a long hard road with a lot more giving and a ton less taking with so many lessons left to be learned. But I promise this, not just to you, but to myself, that it will be worth it………

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