The Cave

There lies a secret cave where no one has ventured before, a cave where I only know. It contains pieces of everything; past, present, and future held within. The cave is well hidden from view but not from me. This cave is hidden within myself, buried deep benath the surface with no identifiying markings. This cave contains more than just time. It contains me; who I am, my dreams, hopes and fears all nestled together, surrounded by darkness. This cave holds all of what I have lost over the years, the pieces of me that I am no longer able to find. It is the one place where another might discover everything there is to know about me. The only problem is that not even I know where it lies, just that it exists. Its location is a mystery; I have seen it before, but no longer know if it still lies there or has moved elsewhere.

The search for the cave is long and filled with many great adventures; each revealing new clues but many more mysteries than berfore.

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