Mending Promises

And so it begins…Close your eyes; prepare yourselves for something that has been long overdue. This is one of many, Mended Promises, to be made.

Alone in the woods, surrounded by mossy trees and the sounds of the animals flowing without reserve. Owls hooting to your right, a wolf cries out in the distance behind you. Twigs break under the pressure as something falls to your left, but you don’t startle. Its winter and all around you the ground is covered in snow. There are no footprints other than your own. You stop and stare all around you, taking in the scene as you make your way back to the spot. Up ahead you hear an animal, but can’t quite make out which it is. You move carefully through the woods towards the sound; you’re not alone. You look and see an animals been near, but has escaped unharmed. As you begin to stand back, you pause; you’ve heard the click! You looked back down and realize you’ve just triggered the hunters trap. Frozen in time, your eyes begin to dart in all directions trying to see who is watching.

A loud knock at the door wakes you. Unwillingly you crawl out of bed to find that you have been summoned from your sleep. Downstairs everything is laid out in such a way that only a madman can sort through. Rushed out the door, you must start your day. Follow the path and you shall not have to worry, for it is protected both for and by you. Wild animals snarl as you pass them by, birds above squawk in disobedient harmony. You make your way to the clearing that you’ve come to know. Clear as the lakes around you, not a cloud in the sky. You find a tree to sit under, one to protect you from the sun as you go about your day. Dreamer they call you, wasting away all your day. Pay no attention to them, for they know not the wonders of your mind that each day you’ve come to find.

Back safely in your ever expanding forest of winter, you awake cold and lost. Scattering to your feet and back against the tree, you look around to make sure you’re alone, but always that feeling remains. You look up through the trees, but all you see are the stars shining brightly tonight. You grab your things and begin, back on your journey, never truly knowing why it is your going the way. Deer jump through the trees in the distance, leaving you to admire them in all their glory. The memory still pains you as you see the natural beauty once again through your eyes. Her memory still remains there, the beautiful woman you’ve seen in your dreams. Up ahead is a small stream with the promise of fish. Setting your pole against the rocks, lay against the tree and bask in the starlight, for tonight is your night.

Awaken with a tear, you take a moment to embrace the thought; his memory still lingers on. Just then as if the dream were real, deer go jumping off in the distance, releasing another tear; this time out of happiness. Realize that the dream was powerful, and embrace it, for they should be cherished each time they start. There he is, coming towards you in all his majesty. Galloping below you with long strides, racing out of the valley towards the seas. He’s brought you here as reminder of where you come from. The sea brings forth life just as easily as it takes. Young fishing boats coming to the bay, bring both joy and sadness with each passing wave. A family will survive, but another must make the sacrifice.

Struck awake with the loud splash of the salmon. Eyes grasping at the last moments of sleep, you enjoy the sight; the foggy remains of your dreams. Follow the stream as it flows hoping to find the way lost so many moons ago. As the stream flows, it begins to widen while the banks begin to grow. Soon you’re walking in the stream, with each step carefully placed, making sure not to slip. In the distance you see what can only seem as though its from a dream. The majestic glow draws you nearer, its breath fogs with each step. You’ve never seen anything so magnificent outside of your dreams, that you’ve become lost in its sight. Splash!

Back home safely, the memory replaying constantly in your mind with questions a plenty and answers there are none. You were brought there for a specific reason, but one that is not yet ready to be relieved, but with time in hopes.

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