A Life Story

I’ve dealt with death since I was young
I know there’s nothing to be done
But I know that there is still just one
Thing that all can do
Stay loyal to friends until the end

Build relationships from the start
Make foundations that won’t come apart
Show them that you care by being there
If not in person than through the air
Show that you’ll walk ever on
With the memory in your heart
Don’t start too late or you’ll regret
The friendships that were never met

Though you disagree sometimes
Never forget those ensuring vows
Though love will come and love will go
Remember the ones that helped you grow
And in their hearts, a fondness remains
To welcome you back, no strings, no chains
Don’t ever change, always remain
The same, the same, the same

Friends come and go, but it’s
The ones that return
After being down trotted and burned
You’ll forever continue to learn

Life may be simple,
Life may be hard,
Follow your heart,
You’ll never be far….

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