Love….The Realizations

To have been able to love someone is a great feat in itself,
To have been loved back is something that should be cherished,
For it can be lost in an instant and may never be found again,
There is only one way to describe a love like this,
It is known by all as a “Once in a Lifetime Love”;
A love so great and strong that it can survive the hardest of falls and the softest of blows,
It can inspire people to do things they never would have dreamt of;
Those who have experienced it but never knew that they had it until it was gone
Truly know that there is nothing in the world like it,
Some may never find it and some may never realize that they have it,
But those who are lucky enough, know it is not something that should be taken for granted,
It is something that takes time and commitment
It takes work and requires sacrifice from both who share it.
Those who give up on that type of love will never be able to get it back,
Those who experience it, and let it fall apart are sure to know that they can always try again,
But things will never be the same as before the fall,
They will surely be different and maybe, just maybe
Things will turn out for the better……
If you are able to experience this kind of love,
Know that you are among the few who ever get to,
And always remember to never let it slip away
For if one stone slips, then all will come tumbling down…